Our cleaning company has specialized in upholstery cleaning for the past five years. We are the best upholstery cleaning provider in Finchley Central, N3. Our agency's staff is well trained and highly qualified to take care of your sofas, mattresses and curtains. Our cleaning method consists of taking care of the stains, no matter how hard they are and deep clean you upholstery. We use eco-friendly products in order to treat your sofas. We guarantee you clean and durable furniture. If you decide to hire us to take care of your furniture, we guarantee as well an increase in your upholstery's longevity. Our products restore the fabrics to a better state and reinforce them. We offer you today the best upholstery cleaning service in W13, NW5, SW2, SW6, W3, W10 at a reasonable price. Save your sofas and armchair from the scrubbing and products that can spoil their material. We will allow you save your time, energy and money.

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Special Services
Service Price
Upholstery Cleaning - Armchair £20 £18
Sofa Cleaning - Two Seater £35 £30
Landing Carpet Cleaning £10 £9
Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £28 £23

Sofa Cleaners in N3 Finchley Central

It is hard to see your favourite sofa get a hard stain on it. Not only is it difficult to wash it, but if you do not use the right product, you might spoil the fabric or even destroy it. If you are in such situation, you do not have to worry anymore about your upholstery as we are the right solution for you. During many years of offering excellent upholstery cleaning service to our customers in Chalk Farm, West Ealing, Rotherhithe, N1, N13, SW19, we have learned to clean and maintain your sofas and mattresses in a very good condition. We understand the big investment made to purchase your furniture and this is why we clean it with the intention of preserving it and even increasing its longevity. Call us today, our operators in Finchley Central, N3 will be very pleased to give you more information about our services.

Finchley Central N3 Steam Cleaners

We have cleaning company office in Finchley Central, N3 and other branches in South Acton, Crouch End, Kingston Vale, Southwark, Northfields, West Hampstead and all offices offer cleaning services. Upholstery cleaning is our specialisation and we like our work. We clean your upholstery using an advanced machine with powerful extraction technology. This machine has two parts - a vacuum motor which works like a fan and a solution pump. Both these parts can be activated using a combined electrical switch that can be found on the back side of the primary housing. The pump releases a cleaning chemical onto the upholstery fabric and then all dirt and stains are absorbed by the powerful suction function of the vacuum motor.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners in N3 Finchley Central

We are settled in Finchley Central, N3 with an upholstery cleaning company in the main commercial area of the city. Our company provides cleaning service to the people of Finchley Central, N3 and Westcombe Park, Muswell Hill, Fitzrovia, SW7, N6, SW17. Our customised services are great for you since they can be adapted according to your special demands. You get all the services at your place; so you can relax since you do not have to carry all dirty items to our office for cleaning. We visit your place with powerful cleaning tools that can easily suck all the dirt, harmful organisms, and stains from your upholstery. We do not harm the nature during the cleaning process since we always use eco friendly cleaning fluids.

Clean Your Sofa in Finchley Central N3

It does not matter how hard you scrub your upholstery or how efficiently you clean them using a vacuum cleaner, you would not be able to achieve the desired level of cleaning. The optimum cleaning can be achieved with the help of professionals since they specialise in cleaning and use advanced tools and techniques to clean your upholstery. Now since lots of service providers have appeared in the market, so it is easy to get a competitive price for effective upholstery cleaning. So, it will be an intelligent choice to make a deal with an established upholstery cleaning company to avail some upholstery cleaning services. We are an established cleaning company and our presence can be felt in all areas of Finchley Central, N3 and SE9, SE18, SE22, SE1, N2, SE11. You can get our services at discounted rates!