domestic cleanerProfessional regular cleaner in London provided by Top Domestic Cleaners. We offer first class service at most competitive prices.

Cleaning your home may be considered a tedious and mundane task that eats up precious times you could otherwise spend on doing things you love. Besides putting off such a task makes it more and more of a slavery day by day and when comes the moment you decide to get to it quite often is the case that you get so tired slaving to the floors, shelves and etc. that you start overlooking some small details and in the end you have only half the job done.

What we offer is a solution to your cleaning problems. A sort of lifting the weight of household cleaning chores off your shoulders by hiring a highly trained cleaning service professional worker to tend to your home on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; whatever you decide serves you best.

Amelia Hayward says:
We are so very happy that we have found your company. The team that attended were all very friendly and they smiled all the time. They really enjoyed what they were doing. This is really very important, they should not only clean well. Their attitude is very important as well. Thank you for being so positive.

Our companies crew is made up from highly experienced professionals that have years of service in our line of work and ensure only the best results from our services to our clients. These highly experienced professionals take the positions of seniors and their main job is to train and observe newly trained employees in order for them to meet the standards that we work with.
Our cleaning teams or individual professionals are available to respond at any time you require.

We offer a flexible working schedule in order to not intrude on our clients work or vacation plans. At first we send a professional so that he or she might analyze the condition of the house, apartment or office you need to be cleaned. This comes free of charge so you need not worry about it; and so does the equipment necessary in order for our workers to carry out the procedure.

We utilize only the best of products on the marked, deemed eco-friendly and safe; for we put a great deal of stress on both the environments condition and our customers’ health.
best-offer-stamp200pxCarpets, walls, floors, shelves, laundry, dishes, etc. – we have them all covered in our lists of services that come in either professionally made packages or custom made bundles, hand-picked from the customers themselves.

Feel free to call us at any time in order to be acquainted with our services, prices or any other details you might be interested in.