Need a quick clean up for your carpet? Well, seek no further. At our company, currently located in Tottenham, N17, we will ensure the use of carpet absorbents which will give you the value of your money! It even gets interesting: we won't use water, so you won't have to worry about it getting wet! All we will do is sprinkle powder on your carpet and thoroughly spread it all over to ensure the powder reaches every corner. This powder is the soap used for cleaning. It has detergents as well as other necessary components needed to clean. After this is we will come with a vacuum cleaner and finish the job. This technology has been used in many areas such as Islington, North Kensington, Brixton Hill, N3, SE9, SW18 and has given very positive results. There you have it! a clean carpet in no time.

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Special Services
Service Price per Carpet
Landing Carpet Cleaning £10 £9
Bedroom Carpet Cleaning £20 £18
Living Room Carpet Cleaning £26 £23
Armchair Cleaning £18 £16
Two Seater Sofa Cleaning £30 £27

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When it comes to carpet cleaning, you need to be very careful not to damage the fabric. From the cleaning method to the product used, everything needs to be calculated and carefully taken into consideration. Our agency has proven over the past years that we are the best carpet cleaning service provider in Tottenham, N17. Our team is highly qualified to take care of your carpet. We will take care of the toughest stains and at the same time we will restore the colours and the materials in your carpet. All our clients around West Ealing, Plumstead, Maida Vale, Kentish Town, South Hampstead, Savile Row can testify to the quality of our work. Call us today; our crew will do everything to satisfy your needs.

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Sometimes, and even after vacuuming your carpet clean all the time, you feel like it's losing its colours and quality. Even if you had purchased it just shortly, you feel like you can't get it to look the same after sometime. This is because every manufacturer will advise you to thoroughly clean your carpet at least twice a year. This is done in order to get rid of the dirt that the vacuum cannot get. It is also used with special products that will restore the colours to your carpet and give it a new clean look. We are a carpet cleaning provider located in Tottenham, N17. If you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning that will restore your carpet to its initial form, we are the solution for you. We provide the best and most affordable carpet cleaning in all of Shacklewell, Thamesmead, Shepherds Bush, SW9, NW6, N19. Get in touch with us today, we guarantee your satisfaction.

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Clients are always impressed when their needs are met and fulfilled on time. Some cleaning companies especially in many areas that are within SE4, NW10, W1J, SW14, SE3, SE9 have a tendency of getting late and making the customers wait for a long period of time. We are different because we are time conscious. Delivering our services is one of our main mottos because we understand that some clients are sometimes in a hurry. After you have contacted us, it will take us a short time before we send a team of cleaners to where you are located. In Tottenham, N17 where we are located, there are numerous cleaners ready to be sent to any location.

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We are a company that is dedicated to our cleaners and will meet any necessary demands that are required by our customers. Our company specialises in providing the highest quality carpet cleaning in Tottenham, N17. We are proud to have the privilege of offering you such quality in Camberwell, Arkley, Hanwell, W14, SE14, N9 too and we are always on time. Unlike other companies we take pleasure in listening to our customers' demands and take pleasure in completing them. Our main aim is to make your home a better and healthier place to live in.